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Two Producers
One Vision

The Truth is...

We are just like YOU. 

Here at Lets Go! we value artist, creativity and community. 

Jesse Hanes and Jesse Szabo met in the commercial music program at ARC in Carmichael Ca. and became Co-Workers managing a lessons facility for one of Sacramentos largest music stores in town. 

After a few years the Jesses noticed a need for Sacramento's creative community and opened a recording studio called Think Tank Productions in the Renaissance  Square building on Del Paso Blvd. There they would produce some very talented local artist in a 11x15 foot room and begin to see how much they loved helping artist find their sound.

During 2020 Jesse and Jesse decided to take a risk and invest into an expansion of their business venture and opened Let's Go Rehearsal and Studio Rentals. They decided to open up hourly rehearsal spaces and audio production studios. This would present an affordable opportunity for the community to be able to have a safe creative space in order to grow their vision and produce their individual brand without having to break the bank to do so.

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