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📸 Mateo Briscoe and Jesse Szabo of Let’s Go Studio performing at Uptown Grounds

Uptown Grounds turns one!

When driving through Del Paso you may notice a resurgence of small business popping up, from print shops to recording studios, amongst the new businesses you may have noticed a new cafe in the heart of DPH. That cafe is Uptown Grounds.

On February 5, 2022, Uptown Grounds held a birthday celebration. They offered $1 coffee and had some outstanding performances from season 17 top ten finalist from NBC’s “The Voice” , Shane Q who was followed by Mateo Briscoe, who recently wrote a song for Award winning Short Film ”Lover girl”.

The community turnout was very telling of the cafe’s acceptance for the area. The owner of Uptown Grounds, Bobbie, is very active with youth and youth organizations in Sacramento and her care for the people she serves, as well as what she serves, lends to being a hint at a very bright future for Del Paso Blvd’s new favorite cafe!

by Jesse Hanes

© Works By Think Tank Music

1217 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento , Ca. 95815

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Works By Think Tank Music

Bummer, Dude! V B. Kobayn

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In the middle of January 2022 a video surfaced of Sacramento band ”Bummer, Dude!” In the Let’s Go Rehearsal and Recording Studio lobby calling out B. Kobayn by her government name saying they wanted to battle in 2k. With a quick response to the video B. Kobayn crashed the “Dude’s” next practice.

Kobayn entered the room and snatched Jackson‘s , lead singer of ”Bummer, Dude!”, mic. She exclaimed she heard they were “…talking, sh*t!”. She proceeded to call them “Bummer, Who?!” And asked if they wanted “Smoke”.

The interaction was believed to be instigated by producer Jesse Szabo. In the video of Kobayn’s disturbance of the Dude’s practice he can be seen triggering a horn from the lobby and he was also the one to record the Bummer,Dude! initial diss video.The date was set and the wager was whoever lost would owe the other a feature on a track.

On February 4, 2022 the artist met at Let’s Go’s lobby and had it out 4v1. The bands released a Vs. video before the live stream began and the best two out of three took the tournament.

Bummer, Dudes! Took the first round by a few points, believed to be caused by Kobayn's star players being injured. By the end of round two it was clear that Kobayn had the upper hand, winning with a 20 point lead. After the second round Szabo held an interview with the Dudes’ and it was clear they were toast.

Two of the members of “Bummer, Dude!” were too drunk to communicate clearly and the lead singer Jackson claimed to only be present so he "...didn’t get fined". The third round was won by Kobayn and she was given a gift package sponsored by Raw Papers rep Kidd Conez.

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Having seen success in a slew of film festival selections with the short film Lover Girl, song, “One Day,” Mateo Briscoe returns with his hit single “Just Your Type,” featuring JJ The Messiah. Dropping January 21, 2021

Photo Credit: Keving Gomez Jr. - Picture of Mateo Preparing for live streams with (Left to Right) J.P. Lockwood, Sara Noelle, and Mateo Briscoe.

Molly Landis, Mateo’s Manager describes Mateo Briscoe as a true Sacramento treasure. A singer and songwriter hailing from Sacramento, his music can be described as “Sugar, Spice and Gay Pop Music...” Mateo, AKA “Local Sloth Boi” is influenced by bands and artists like Queen, Amy Winehouse, The Fray, and The Killers. His sound is sonically reminiscent of artists like Quinn Xcii , Jaymes Young, The Early November, and Bastille. Just Your Type is 2021’s hopeless romantic single. With seductive vocal synths, thudding kick drum, catchy percussive elements, and an incredible poetic performance by JJ The Messiah, Just Your Type will send chills tingling down your spine. As you let the harmonic tones wash over you, it will take you to a place and time where you wondered if “they” felt the same way.

Image: J.Y.T. (Just Your Type)- Album artwork.

Briscoe has been working hand in hand with Jesse Hanes and Jesse Szabo, founders of Sacramento’s Think Tank Production. Shane Q, a finalist on Season 17 of NBC’s “The Voice” and affiliate of the Think Tank umbrella, says “His (Mateo’s) music really speaks to me. It’s incredible to have someone from my hometown produce such meaningful and profound music.” Mateo has had a busy 2020, dropping his EP “Guy Like Me” and also releasing his single “Hannah,” which garnered over 17,000 plays and made it to Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist.

In anticipation of the release of “Just Your Type,” Mateo performed with Sara and the Devil, Jotapé Lockwood, and JJ the Messiah on October 17th, 2020 at the Remedy Review to raise money for the Sacramento LGBTQ Center. On November 8th, 2020, Mateo partnered with Sara and the Devil and the awesome folks at the Sounds Good Podcast. The session is expected to be released sometime in December 2020. You can keep up with Mateo Briscoe on his Instagram @local_slothboi_, and on Think Tank’s website.

You can Follow Mateo Briscoe on his socials:

Instagram: @local_slothboi_

You can book Mateo directly through social media or by emailing

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