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Let’s Go! Sacramento recording studio host 2k22 tournament amongst artist: B. Kobayn V Bummer, Dude!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

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Bummer, Dude! V B. Kobayn

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In the middle of January 2022 a video surfaced of Sacramento band ”Bummer, Dude!” In the Let’s Go Rehearsal and Recording Studio lobby calling out B. Kobayn by her government name saying they wanted to battle in 2k. With a quick response to the video B. Kobayn crashed the “Dude’s” next practice.

Kobayn entered the room and snatched Jackson‘s , lead singer of ”Bummer, Dude!”, mic. She exclaimed she heard they were “…talking, sh*t!”. She proceeded to call them “Bummer, Who?!” And asked if they wanted “Smoke”.

The interaction was believed to be instigated by producer Jesse Szabo. In the video of Kobayn’s disturbance of the Dude’s practice he can be seen triggering a horn from the lobby and he was also the one to record the Bummer,Dude! initial diss video.The date was set and the wager was whoever lost would owe the other a feature on a track.

On February 4, 2022 the artist met at Let’s Go’s lobby and had it out 4v1. The bands released a Vs. video before the live stream began and the best two out of three took the tournament.

Bummer, Dudes! Took the first round by a few points, believed to be caused by Kobayn's star players being injured. By the end of round two it was clear that Kobayn had the upper hand, winning with a 20 point lead. After the second round Szabo held an interview with the Dudes’ and it was clear they were toast.

Two of the members of “Bummer, Dude!” were too drunk to communicate clearly and the lead singer Jackson claimed to only be present so he "...didn’t get fined". The third round was won by Kobayn and she was given a gift package sponsored by Raw Papers rep Kidd Conez.

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