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Uptown Grounds celebrates 1 year of business with performances by Shane Q. and Mateo Briscoe

📸 Mateo Briscoe and Jesse Szabo of Let’s Go Studio performing at Uptown Grounds

Uptown Grounds turns one!

When driving through Del Paso you may notice a resurgence of small business popping up, from print shops to recording studios, amongst the new businesses you may have noticed a new cafe in the heart of DPH. That cafe is Uptown Grounds.

On February 5, 2022, Uptown Grounds held a birthday celebration. They offered $1 coffee and had some outstanding performances from season 17 top ten finalist from NBC’s “The Voice” , Shane Q who was followed by Mateo Briscoe, who recently wrote a song for Award winning Short Film ”Lover girl”.

The community turnout was very telling of the cafe’s acceptance for the area. The owner of Uptown Grounds, Bobbie, is very active with youth and youth organizations in Sacramento and her care for the people she serves, as well as what she serves, lends to being a hint at a very bright future for Del Paso Blvd’s new favorite cafe!

by Jesse Hanes

© Works By Think Tank Music

1217 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento , Ca. 95815

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